An updated data collection concerning  most of the hyperbaric devices production is a necessary reference base for developing new guidelines for safety and effective use od any barometical techniques

The repository collects  for any hyperbaric device two tmain ypes of information:

  1.  Safety for operators and patients/subjects;
  2. Quality and effectiveness of related Hyperbaric TherapyTreatment


For what concens the Safety the requested information are 

1.1 Used reference rules for Mechanical/Pressure Resistence

1.2 Electrical safety (references to electrical safety standards in sanitary systems and specific standards for electrical systems in hyperbaric conditions)

1.3 Fire safety (reference to fire safety rules in sanitary systems and specific rules for implants operarting in hyperbaric conditions)


For hyperbaric tratment quality and effectiveness of the treatment with the hyperbaric device: 

2.1 List of diseases to be trated according to guidelines issued by Scientific Societies and/or according to the scientific literature

2.2 List of pathologies treated according to clinical evidence well described on the scientific literature, even if not yet regulated by guidelines of Scientific Societies

2.3 List of treated pathologies for scientific research

2.4 List application in occupational field for work incident prevention

2.5 List of uses in non-strictly medical fields (e.g. Aesthetics Medicine, Sports, Wellness, etc.)

2.6 Specifications in lab research application

2.7 Veterinary applications

Further important charcateristics at the date of Hyperbaric Device recording in the  Data Base concerns


The Device market: 

3.1 The Number of  implants installed

3.2 The Geographic distribution of the market


Moreover the following Factory Information are collected


Characteristics of the manufacturer

4.1 Geographical location

4.2 Commercial Dimensions

4.3 Maintenance Organization


The Data Base may also collect full/partial rules text concerning the hyperbaric device if available by the manifaturer