Working Group Report. Rome, February 24, 2020

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The meeting was held by webinar with a positive result in terms of discussion of ideas and programmatic design. Participants: Dr. Eng. Mauro Grigioni (ISS, engineer), Pasquale Longobardi MD (President of SIMSI ), Dr. Eng. Marco Bellomo (DRASS, engineer), Marco Brauzzi MD (SIAARTI, SIMSI), Corrado Costanzo MD (SIMSI,), Giuseppe De Iaco MD (SIMSI, doctor), Giuseppe Di Stefano MD (INAIL), Dr. Eng. Marco Laurino (CNR-IFC), Dr. Enrico Marchetti (INAIL,), Eng. Marco Paterni (CNR-IFC,), Monica Rocco MD (SIAARTI), Dr. Eng. Giuseppe D'Avenio (ISS,). Justified absentees: Paolo Binda Zane MD (ANCIP), Admiral Chief Inspector of Navy Health Mauro Barbierato MD (Italian Navy), Dr. Eng. Carla Daniele (ISS), Carlo Tranquilli MD (FIGC), Gialuca Sotis MD (CNR).